Coronavirus Pandemic opening hours

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our opening hours are currently slightly different to normal to allow for thorough cleaning routines and socially distanced drop offs and pick ups.

We are currently open Tuesday to Friday with drop off between 9am and 9.20am with our morning session running until 12.45pm. Children who stay for the afternoon are collected between 1.50pm and 2pm. 

Our Session Timings

We operate Tuesdays - Fridays term time only, offering hours of 9am - 12.45pm, and a later finish of 2.30pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for those that wish to stay for the afternoon extended session.  Please do get in touch to book your place. 

We are registered for up to 24 children, aged 2 and half years to 5 years old. Every session children are provided with a drink of milk or water, and a healthy snack of fresh fruit/vegetables and a cracker bread of some description. 

Our current fees per morning session is £20.96 and our afternoon session is £9.78, which equates to £5.59 per hour (with 15 or 30 hours funding free from the term after your child turns 3 years, subject to Wokingham District council notification).

Fees are currently calculated per session and you will be charged in advance before the start of each half term. Fees should be paid before the term commences to secure your sessions. Childcare vouchers are accepted.

If there are any difficulties in making payments, please speak to either the Treasurer or Supervisor. Arrangements can be made for weekly payments if necessary. We accept 2 year funding, and free entitlement funding is available for the term after your child has turned 3 years old, subject to Wokingham Borough Council notification.

Unfortunately we operate on a tight budget and are obliged to charge the usual fee if your child is absent for any reason. We hope you understand our policy, as our basic costs remain the same, regardless of the number of children attending a session.

30 hour funding


Currently we offer 20.25 hours a week, spread over 4 days, with the new addition of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons opening until 2.30pm.  With the 30 hour funding now in place, we are looking to extend our hours even further if we have enough demand for this. Please do get in touch if you qualify as we would like to offer longer days a week if we have enough demand. We shall be reviewing this every term so please do get in touch sooner rather than later as limited spaces shall be available for longer hours.

A typical session

9.00am: Parents and children enter the small hall, where the children are encouraged to hang up their coats and bags on named pegs, place their lunch box on the lunch box table, and show and tell items on the show and tell table. The children find their name card for self-registration and then enjoy free play with the activities laid out for them in the small hall until everyone has arrived and settled. These activities are based around our theme of the week (taken from children's current interests) and our phonic sound of the week.  Parents leave at this point unless they need to settle their child or they need to speak to our Supervisor or their child’s Key Worker. 

Children then spend time in small groups for circle time or to undertake various activities based on their next steps or interests.  This can be outside or inside, and last approximately 10 minutes, or longer if the children are engaged. 

Following circle time the children enjoy free play throughout the morning, allowing them to follow their interests, choosing what they want to do and how to do it. They take the lead in their play with adults responding to their cues. They will be encouraged to try new things and different options – this includes outdoor play and the children children can move between the main hall, small hall and outdoor area as they wish.


Our spacious main hall allows us to have a huge variety of toys and equipment at the children’s disposal.  A home corner, reading corner, drawing table, modelling table, and Playdoh are the staple activities plus a variety of other toys, which again rotate depending on the children's next steps and interests. We change the activities and toys in all the areas regularly, so there is always something new to discover.

The children can choose themselves when they would like their snack during the course of the morning.  A snack table is set up which includes fresh fruit and vegetables along with some variety of bread product or crackers and a choice of milk or water to drink.  Each child has to wash their hands before sitting at the table, then find their name on the board and put it in the box, to indicate that they have had their snack.

11.40am:  All children are involved in the tidying up of the large hall, taking responsibility for where they have played and helping the staff and each other.

11.50am:  We all sing songs or say rhymes together. As well as it being a lot of fun, we find this invaluable to our children in building confidence, developing listening and communication skills and learning about rhythm and rhyme. 


12.00pm:  Everyone washes their hands and sit down for lunch (children bring their own packed lunch).  Children sit at tables with a member of staff who discusses what they have done that morning, and talks about days of the week, seasons, weather, counting etc.

12.30pm:  If children have brought in an item from home they are encouraged to share it ion show and tell, building their confidence and communication skills by talking about what they do at home. For those who prefer, we share items throughout the morning either 1 to 1 or in small groups. After show and tell it's story time - we select books around our theme for the week, encouraging discussion and all planned around the children's needs, next steps and interests. 

12.45pm:  Children who are going home now are encouraged and supported to put on their coats and bags from their pegs. Parents meet back in the large hall where they wait for their child to be called through to meet them.  Parents collect their children’s artwork and models and pick up any letters from a table laid out for them. 

Those children who are staying for the afternoon have free play in the small hall and the garden. Once the large hall is packed away, the children also have this area for scooters, parachute games, discos etc. The children are encouraged to choose their own activities and direct their own learning. There is always a quiet area for those who need it. 

2.15pm: All children help to tidy up the areas they have been playing in. We sing a song to help us and make games of it to keep it fun for the children; for example seeing how many items can they find, who can find the missing item, or if they can work in pairs to tidy together.

2.20pm: We use the end of the day for another story and to talk about what we've been doing at preschool and what have we learned. We encourage children to share their happy moments, and any sad moments they may have had. We reflect on them as a group and discuss how we can make them better.

2.30pm; Children are encouraged and supported to put on their coats and bags from their pegs. Parents meet back in the large hall where they wait for their child to be called through to meet them.  Parents collect their children’s artwork and models and pick up any letters from a table laid out for them.